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Thanks for becoming a Steep Oak wholesale affiliate and for helping spread our goal of sharing our delicious teas. Please use this page to learn more about our partnership and goal to serve both you and our combined customers.

How does it work?

We fully believe that customers will be returning for our product after finishing their first box or sooner. If customers are unable to purchase from you directly, customers can use your custom issued "discount code" so that they can get a discount on their next order and you'll make a % for bringing a customer back. You can remind your customers to use your code if they purchase from our website directly and they will also be directly reminded by the "thank you" card inserted in each of your wholesale boxes.

How much is the customer discount?

Customers will receive a 10% discount for using your unique discount code when purchasing tea from our site. Each code is unique so that we can track your sales.

How much am I credited?

Wholesale venders that have customers use their unique code will receive  20% cashback on the remaining total for bringing returning customers. Otherwise, customers can pay the cost you set when selling the tea yourself.

How am I credited?

Your 20% affiliate cashback will be applied to your account within 36 hours after each sale. You can use the cashback as credit or request a cash out after reaching a $50 threshold.

Can I track the amount I make on affiliate sales?

Yes! Each wholesale account has their own "affiliate payout" page where they can track the total. Look under the tabs in your account.

I've forgotten my code, is it in my account?

Your code can be found on your "affiliate payout" page. Also, your code will be on each printed card found within your customers wholesale boxes to help them remember your code for repurchasing.

I want the wholesale pricing, but can I opt out of the affiliate discount code code system?

Absolutely! For whatever reason if you decide that the discount code system isn't right for you and your business, please reach out to us and we can turn your code off and we will also stop packing your boxes with "thank you cards" printed with your code. Our standard, un-coded "thank you" card will take it's place in the packaging. ​

However, if you do decide to opt out of using our discount code system, customers might still use our site to purchase tea and we will have no way to track your returning customer sales to credit your account.

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