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Brewing your perfect pitcher of sweet, ice-cold tea! (Easy Recipe)

Updated: Jul 12

So, you've just purchased your first box of tea from Steep Oak. Congratulations on redefining your tea experience! But what now? How do you make your perfect box of tea into a perfect pitcher of ice-cold tea? Just follow these steps below on how we make our absolute best pitcher of sweet iced tea.

sweet ice cold tea from steep oak
How to Make the Perfect Sweet Ice Cold Tea

How to make the perfect pitcher of ice-cold tea (recipe):

Things needed:

  • 1 Medium pot

  • 1.5 cups of granulated white sugar (or any other sugar substitute and the amount you prefer to your liking and sweetness)

  • 1 Gallon of water (tap, filtered, distilled, or any other non-carbonated water)

  • 1 Stirring Spoon or other stirring utensils

  • 1 Gallon pouring container

  • 4 of your single serving Steep Oak tea bags or 1 of your gallon sized Steep Oak tea bags



  1. Start by filling your pot 3/4 of the way full.

  2. Heat on medium to get the water just hot enough before it starts boiling. (We set our water between 140 and 180 degrees. Also, KEEP IN MIND that our teas are GREEN teas, so boiling the water will burn your tea leaves, leaving it with a sour taste.) Water only needs to be NEAR boiling.

  3. Once the water has reached the correct temp, toss in 4 of your Steep Oak tea bags (or 1 of your gallon sized tea bags) and let them rest in the water for 7 1/2 minutes. (Stir and press occasionally to help release the yummy tea of your choice.)

  4. After steeping is complete ,drain the tea bag(s) and remove your pot from the heat.

  5. Next pour your hot tea into your gallon sized container.

  6. OPTIONAL: Add sugar or sweetener of your choice while tea is still hot. (We stick with 1 1/2 cups of regular white granulated sugar.)

  7. Stir well and fill the rest of your container up with water.

  8. Your Steep Oak Tea is now ready to be served over ice...but for best results, chill in fridge for 8-10 hours to really let your flavor and sugar set in.

  9. ENJOY! :)

That's as difficult as it gets! Make a gallon to serve friends and family at celebrations, BBQs, game nights and hot summer pool parties.

Whenever you're ready for more, check out for our growing list of flavors and have a new box shipped straight to your door!

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